How to Grow Your Shopify eCommerce Store

How to Grow Your Shopify eCommerce Store

Shopify is without doubt one of the highest players in eCommerce nowadays. It has more than one million sellers on the platform. Shopify eCommerce stores are advanced enough to satisfy the requirements of retailers who have a good experience. 

At the same, it is also simple and easy. It is enough for eCommerce beginners to use for quickly launching their online business plan. But, creating a Shopify store is very easy.

To grow your Shopify eCommerce store, you’d wish to have a subject matter. This theme has to be compelled to just integrate with completely different promoting tools. And directs traffic to the correct store points.

Here are some tips to keep in mind on How to Grow Your Shopify ECommerce Store.

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1. Sell More Products on Shopify eCommerce Store

This is an easy but powerful tip on the way to grow your Shopify store. You ought to supply a variety of products to attract customers. And thus create a lot of sales.

Start with your main product, which is unique, problem-solving, or selling well over worldwide. Once you gain attraction in the market. Then start figuring out which supportive products you can offer with it.

The main thing is to research your options to make sure your product range is flexible. But with everything you provide staying relevant to your whole.

For example, Adore Me started as a Lingerie retailer. But have since expanded their offering. They included activewear, swimwear, and even cosmetics to maximize their sales. 

This growth has broadened their providing whereas keeping their beauty-focused complete image untainted.


2. Customer Retention

To put it, holding customers is crucial to growing your Shopify store.

If you’re losing existing customers. Then you’ll have to be compelled to act in vast amounts of new customers to form up for it. This isn’t what you would like.

To prevent this problem you need to take some serious steps to ensure that you are retaining your customers.

Here we discuss some effective ways to improve your retention.

Regular Email Communication with Shopify Customers

Send out regular emails to your customers. This will keep users engaged. 

It will make your store the first one they think of when they are ready to make a sale.

 Retargeting Your Shopify Customers

Another way to retain customers is by using retargeting. This places a cookie in their browser with info concerning the merchandise they were staring at.

It allows you to show them ads via Google Ads or Facebook to entice them back.

Here is an example of retargeting.

Retargeting Your Shopify Customers

Birthday Emails

Everyone loves surprises on their special days like birthdays. The same is for your customers. 

You can send them a birthday email with a coupon or with a nice message.

Here is an example of birthday emails.

Birthday Emails

3. Optimize Your Content for Shopify eCommerce Store

Content marketing could be a form of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material. 

Content marketing doesn’t promote a complete. But, rather stimulates interest in an exceeding brand’s products or services.

There are a few core types on which you should focus.

Product Description

If you can clue your customers to determine what exactly your product is and how it can help them. Then it will improve not only your conversion rate but also your page’s shares.

Product Description


Like product descriptions, pictures are a central part of your store’s promotion. 

The higher the photographs you give, the higher your product can look. And thus the higher your product appearance, the more sales you’re getting to build.

High-quality pictures that show your product in use are an honest plan. As area unit ones that illustrate what it’s you are selling.

Here is an example of a product image.

Product Images

4. Do Effective Marketing via Storytelling on Your Shopify eCommerce Store

The reason the storytelling is effective is that people want to buy from someone they know and they trust. 

Telling a story to customers is the best way to create a level of familiarity between you and your customers. It can be done in different ways. Like blogging, vlogging, or making unique product descriptions, finding ways to tell your story is a major growth contributor.

Another type of content that helps people feel more involved with your brand is interactive content. This content does not have to be complicated.

Here is an example of a storytelling post.

storytelling post

5. Contest Marketing

Once it involves contests the potential is much limitless. You’ll run contests that are designed to grow your audience. Also, you can send a selected message, draw ends up in your store, collect user-generated content, and far, much more. 

A contest is an effective way to inspire individuals to try to do what you’re asking of them. This can be why you must place this unbelievable tool to figure out your Shopify store.

Coschedule headline studio

For inspiration look at this contest from Adore Me. It generated almost 90,000 impressions and 54,000 actions off of a $1000 prize.

Contest Marketing

6. Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencer promoting became one of the foremost fashionable types of promoting within the second half of the last decade. It remains going sturdy in 2021.

The key to spotting influencers’ websites has engaged audiences. However, it represents your target market and shares constant values along with your complete.

You should raise about what different brands. They need to work with and proof of the results they managed to realize for them.

Instead, it will come back off as tacky and too obvious. Bringing out the simplest in influencer promotion strategy needs creative thinking. This promotion is often wherever interactive content like quizzes, contests, and challenges are available in handy.

For example, musicians lately pay influencers to begin dance challenges to market their songs. You ought to sit down with your influencer of options to decipher that choice most fits your audience.

You can get inspiration from this article, “What is an eCommerce Agency? How to Choose the Best One?.”

7. Run a Referral Program on Your Shopify eCommerce Store

Your Shopify merchandising strategy is incomplete whereas not involve the shoppers themselves. Like other businesses, customers square measure many possible items to shop for from stores that others advocate.

A referral program could be an appropriate viva-voce equal for Shopify online stores. Whereas it will attack various forms, it’s higher to arrange and integrate it into your website.

The start line is to supply a beautiful client expertise on your Shopify store. Individuals aren’t progressing to state to you if they’d had an atrocious time searching in your store. Unless it’s to complain, that isn’t good for you.

Once you’re positive that the few you’re attracting square measure happiness, the next step is to analyze. This process can also be significant in searching out what customers consider a real reward/incentive.

Run a Referral Program on Shopify Store

8. Make Your Shopify eCommerce Store Mobile

Back then, desktops used to dominate the majority of internet traffic. But that has all changed.

In the U.S alone, over 270 million users access the net via mobile. Therefore this result explains why it is vital to have a Shopify online store or a mobile app.

If not, then you are making your eCommerce business less accessible. Moreover, You will also lose the opportunity to boost your online conversion rate.

Make Your Shopify Store Mobile

9. Reach your Target Audience on Social Media

If your target audience is on social media, so you should also be on social media.

With more than 2.37 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an excellent place to start sharing blog posts of promotions. A simple fraction of all social media visits to Shopify stores come back via Facebook. An average of 85% of all orders from social media come from the site.


Another social media channel you must contemplate specializing in to urge a lot of traffic to your Shopify store is Instagram.

Reach your Target Audience on Social Media


If your site traffic is in the doldrums, ignore sales for now. Also, focus on building brand awareness, and customers will come.

Even if your Shopify site is ticking along, you should still focus on getting more traffic. Taking your foot off the gas will have adverse consequences, thus certifying you’re engaged in your site’s visibility.

Once guests to your Shopify store increase, guarantee you’re providing the most effective doable searching expertise. By mistreatment associate degree eCommerce help table to retort to client support queries quickly and accurately.



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