How to Create an Effective Product Demo Video to Drive Sales

How to Create an Effective Product Demo Video to Drive Sales

Compelling product demo videos are powerful sales tools. They’re informative, instructional, and unforgettable. However most of all, they assist you to create sales and shut deals. A good product demo video shares the worth of your giving shows however it solves a drag and convinces viewers why they can’t live while not it.

So, In this post, I’m aiming to share some criteria to assist you to choose the way to build your demo video. And provide a technique for crafting one that gets your message across.

Examples of Product Demo Videos

SurveyMonkey- A Playful Walkthrough

This cloud-based survey company’s demo video is humourous, rollicking, and to-the-point. The video has no voice-over any. As a result of the upbeat music, informative punchlines and seamless transition sequence do all the speaking.

The video walks the viewer through all options of the computer code with synchronic tutoring of the functionalities.

Survey Monkey’s product demo video could be a nice example of effective promotion through unjust directions.

LinkedIn Learning- One Video Many Takeaways

‍This social networking platform’s e-learning venture’s demo video is one of its kind. The video encompasses a persuasive tone that conveys the practicality of the platform whereas invoking ambition within the viewer.

LinkedIn Learning’s product demo video teaches us the facility of aspirational electronic messaging.

IKEA Place- On-Point Messaging

IKEA’s increased reality app’s video is direct and to the point. The message within the video talks directly regarding the pain purpose of its target market and therefore the resolution. The powerful narration within the video clearly also explains the practicality of the app.

IKEA Place’s honest video electronic messaging has for certain won the hearts of its patrons yet again.


Tips to Keep in Mind While Creating Product Demo Videos

Here are some tips which you should keep in your mind while creating product demo videos.

Think about Solutions, Not Features Iinsdie The Product Demo Video

Think about Solutions, Not Features

Improve your demo video by that specializing in solutions instead of specific options.

I’m certain your product is full of nice options and practicality that every one your customers love. It’s tempting to specialize in those in your video. I’m here to inform you that you just can’t specialize in all of them.

For one, there square measure most likely too several to suit during a single video.

Second, they’re options that individuals love once they recognize what makes your product thus valuable.

And, third, options sometimes have language and jargon that don’t essentially speak to the issues or pain points the viewer has.

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Consider the Buyer’s Journey When You Create Product Demo Video

Consider the Buyer’s Journey

Of course, folks would possibly use your product for various functions. Or, somebody would possibly already understand the overall answer however want an illustration with additional details. This is often one more reason manufacturing your product demo maybe a nice selection.

Knowing your audience is also essential to making a triple-crown demo. Sales reps may have to visualize a very different form of video than finish users or call manufacturers.

You can target different|completely different} videos at patrons’ websites are at variable points in their journey or inquisitive about different aspects of your answer.

Your initial demo video can maybe be for viewers which are earlier in their journey.

Add a story Line

The power of storytelling is invaluable. Audiences across the globe are gaga and appreciating it. Add a decent premise to your product demo video to grab the viewer’s attention.

No Background Noise

Nothing annoys a viewer than worrying about audio. Before you begin recording a video, notice a quiet place with minimal noise. There are some tools like Audacity, etc that assist you to cut out the noise phase from your videos.

Good Lighting and Mic

A great product, surprising script, or the most effective of camera quality will all enter vain while not smart lighting and mic. For lighting, you’ll be able to either invest in a very skilled instrumentality or search for an area wherever the natural lightning is nice. each of them is equally effective. permanently audio, albeit the standard of the in-built mics in physics ar nice, finance in a very mike are often very useful.

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Steps to Create an Effective Product Demo Video

Steps to Create an Effective Product Demo Video

Now let’s talk about the steps involved in creating a perfect product demo that shows off your product in the best light.

1. Pick the Best Video Tools

Before you begin your explainer video, take into account the simplest demo recording software package. There are a large variety of video tools out there, however comparatively few of them solve all of the issues for product demos specifically.

A few options that bring your product demo to successive levels are:

  • screen sharing
  • polls and chats
  • reminder and follow-up emails
  • Browser-based platforms

It’s a lot easier to urge a shopper to register for a product demonstration than it’s to get them to attend, stay, and eventually convert. These tools keep product demo videos participating and effective.

When you use screen sharing, you’ll demonstrate your software package or use presentation tools to stay your demo attention-grabbing whereas additionally keeping the presenter not off course. Polls and chats provide attendees an opportunity to act and raise queries (valuable information you’ll analyze later).

With the next-level bit of machine-controlled reminder and follow-up emails, you’ll maximize the number of attendees and replays. Having a browser-based demo additionally will increase attending and retention as a result of folks will be a part of while not looking forward to a transfer.


2. Tailor Your Product Demo Video to Match Your Audience

One great point regarding hosting regular live demos is that you just will tailor every demo video to match a selected audience. You ought to continually tailor demos to match your ideal client base.

If your product is Salesforce, as an example, produce demos that show however businesses will use your platform. However, you’ll be able to slim this down and tailor the demo to a good lot of explicit audiences. For example, you’ll produce a demo for the way nonprofits will use Salesforce or the way to use Salesforce for email selling.

When you verify your audience for a demo, make certain to make a script that touches on the options that might be most precious to its audience. If the sound of a script causes you to nervous, don’t fret. You don’t ought to hit the books each word, however, it’s a decent plan to come back up with a thought thus you’ll be able to maximize the time before of potential purchasers.

3. Promote Your Demo Videos

Before a live demo, certify to push it on social media, victimization email selling, in journal posts, and thru cross-promotions and collaborations. Notwithstanding that some registered people don’t attend, you’ll be able to use Livestorm to instantly send a link to the replay.

After the live demo, set it up as an on-demand demo on your website. certify to imbed the registration kind on your web site, therefore, you get contact data for everybody United Nations agency watches the demo. you’ll be able to even sneak the demo link into anyplace it’s helpful, like in a very client support chatbot response.

4. Host an Engaging Product Demo Video

When it involves photography of the particular demo video, the foremost vital issue is to interact with the audience members that square measure there. this is often the instant wherever you’ll be able to finally chuck all of the potential customers you’ve marketed to and simply concentrate on the individuals logged in to your demo.

Make sure to talk, offer curt answers, and use visual examples to demonstrate your points. Tell your audience what to expect at the start with a loose itinerary, so that they apprehend if and once they will raise queries, however long the demonstration can take, and what they will expect to find out.

It’s best to include question-and-answer periods into the demonstration instead of providing one chunk of your time at the tip. This keeps the audience engaged and looking out forward to the ensuing section of your demo.

5. Follow Up After Your Product Demo Video

Perhaps the foremost vital step of hosting an excellent product demo is following up later on. whereas lots of individuals can attend your demo, solely a little can convert that group action into an acquisition. Following up once the demo puts your product back within the attendee’s mind, and additionally offers them another chance to shop for or sign in.

Your follow-up communications ought to offer access to the merchandise demo video they merely watched. It ought to additionally embody registration for an additional event, sign-up for an account, links to your diary, or forms to start getting the merchandise.

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In this article, we have discussed in detail product demo videos. This information will help you a lot to create an effective and well-managed product demo video. Moreover, You must follow all these steps to make an effective product demo video to drive more sales.



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