Top 10 tips on How to Increase Website Traffic of Your Online Store

Top 10 tips on How to Increase Website Traffic of Your Online Store

Are you having to bother attracting guests to your eCommerce store? If you will be able to increase website traffic of your online store. It means you have got a far better likelihood of obtaining tons of conversions and sales.

Finding ways to encourage your customers to shop from your store could also be challenging. And things don’t get any easier if you’re going to compete with well-established retailers.

In this article, we’ve compiled a listing of top-notch ways in which on the way to increase website traffic of your online store. So, you’ll be able to build on your current success and begin competing with the large guys. 

Let’s dive right into it.

1. Start Doing SEO to Increase Website Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex, long-term process. But it starts with a handful of steps you have total control over on your site. That includes:

  • Creating an intuitive site structure that is easy for both humans and google’s to understand.
  • You can also do keyword research to understand what do your customers search mostly.
  • You are making sure your website loads quickly.
  • Include images optimized for search engines.

For further guidance on SEO, you can visit this article – a Guide to SEO for E-Commerce Websites.

2. Develop a Content Strategy to Increase Website Traffic

Content marketing may be a cornerstone to increase website traffic. As a result, it provides individuals a lot of reasons to travel to your website. Once you consistently publish helpful content that’s relevant to your audience. It improves your SEO authority, provides completely different websites one factor to link to them. It also offers to market on social media and emails, encouraging your audience to stay coming.

Also, consider your preferred product and brainstorm ways to make content-primarily based around those things. That means making tutorials on using the product, answers to queries, or content that highlights reviews. Product-focused content provides you with many opportunities to optimize for the keywords, presumably to steer to purchases.

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3. Use PPC Ads to Increase Website Traffic

SEO and content marketing are both essential strategies for earning organic traffic to your website. You definitely shouldn’t skip them. However, it would be best if you perceived that they’re slow.

To increase the website traffic faster, you will use pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Most search engines offer platforms for running PPC ads. PPC gives you the management to see your electronic communication, where they’ll see it, and what format they’ll see. Thanks to what proportion management you have got, they will be decisive for driving not solely loads of traffic to your website. However, additionally guaranteeing its relevant traffic, that’s probably to steer to a sale.

For proper guidance on PPC, please visit this article. “Paid Search Strategy will Grow Your E-Commerce Store.”

ppc ads to Increase Website Traffic

4. Keep Your Store Well Maintained

Google produces different types of results based on the kind of search term someone uses. When a searcher appearance for a product-based time, they’ll typically see product listings right there.

For users who want to cut right to the chase and find a product to buy faster, The items that show up in these spots will prioritize. You can make sure your products are listed by setting up a Google Merchant Center account.

5. Invest in E-mail Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

Email marketing provides a means for staying in touch with the website visitors that like your stuff. So, you can use emails to earn additional loyalty for your complete, promote your merchandise. It will drive more traffic back to your eCommerce site. 

You have to be careful with email marketing. Suppose you add people to your list that didn’t choose in. Then you’ll technically be breaking the law and may find yourself on spam lists. And if you overdo your email frequency, many subscribers will click that unsubscribe button and never look back.

 But if you used it well, email promoting may be a valuable thanks to building up a loyal audience and customers. Also, it can become repeat visitors, and think of your brand first when they need something you sell.

Email Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

6. Use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

Social media marketing is a powerful component of driving online traffic because it allows you to engage with your customers directly. So whereas you are drive traffic to your website, you at the same time build a community for your customers. Focus your promoting efforts on the platform wherever your target market is most active. Instagram is a popular choice for brands targeting customers.

Before you get too excited regarding gap a social media account, you’ll like high-quality content. Without it, you won’t be able to take your online traffic to a subsequent level.

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Popular social media platforms include:

7. Post Your Store to Reddit to Increase Website Traffic

Reddit posts a remarkable chance to grow full awareness and generate website traffic to your store. It’s an area wherever wild individuals congregate around their favorite topics. Also, they’ll discuss the minute and share recommendations, best practices, and personal life stories.

Pay attention also to the Reddiquette guide and check out whether you’re following the Reddit guidelines rules of your subreddit. They’re continually found within the sidebar to the proper of the subreddit. Some subreddits don’t enable subject matter. Therefore, an advertisement for your store isn’t allowed. Suppose you post concerning your website to an area that doesn’t wish it, in extreme cases. Then you may even get banned from the subreddit.


8. Offer Time-Sensitive Discounts

Offering time-sensitive discounts may be very effective thanks to generating traffic and increasing sales. Putting an expiration on your value leverages scarcity. It is a powerful psychological sales trigger.

Product discounts aren’t the sole provides you will offer customers if you don’t usually offer free shipping. Then occasionally, doing so can be a compelling incentive to drive traffic from social media or email marketing onto your store.

9. Use Influencer Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

Influencer selling is that the method of building relationships with influencers to urge your online store.

With influencer selling, you’ll harness the ability and reach of relevant influencers in your trade. At the same time, you are leveraging the trust they’ve already shared with their audiences, generating referral traffic to your store.

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10. Use Video to Educate People

While there are various options for hosting videos, YouTube is the best channel to increase website traffic. It’s also the second-largest search engine in the world. 

The potential audience and numbers you’ll reach are spectacular. In keeping with YouTube’s stats, it’s over 2 billion users.

However, when you have one slender down that large audience and acquire the good eyes on your YouTube channel and so back to your store?

Above, we’ve mentioned some tips that can facilitate in increase website traffic to your online store. For further guidance on “How to Increase sales of your online store,” visit this article – Tips to Increase Sales in an E-Commerce Platform.


All of these tactics have the potential to drive more traffic to your site. But none of them will get you all that far on their own. To make your efforts to create eCommerce traffic go any. Therefore you ought to puzzle out how to complete all of your online promoting techniques to support one another as a part of a powerful strategy. Your content will assist you in growing your email lists, even as your social promoting will promote your content. 

And listen as you head to your analytics to be told that techniques are manufacturing the highest traffic. And that is driving traffic that converts the foremost typically. Therefore, with a lot of information you have got over time, a lot of you’ll be able to strengthen your campaigns for higher results.



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