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Can I use Aliexpress videos for dropshipping?

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Can I use Aliexpress videos for dropshipping?

Alaadin Alomari
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Well, officially, you can’t use an AliExpress supplier’s product videos while not their consent, particularly once those videos are created by a true complete brand.

Still, many of us can tell you that it’s absolutely fine to repeat an AliExpress product video. Considering China is the counterfeit republic of the planet (80% of the world’s counterfeits area unit created there), then you'd even assume that they’re right.


I even detected that once somebody steals your plan in China, you must be happy, as a result of there in case, it should be a good idea!


While I don’t agree with this (and you most likely won’t either), your Chinese provider could do it (and he can in all probability be wont to it already).


Furthermore, I even have additionally never detected anyone stepping into bother for mistreatment AliExpress product videos on their store.


So, the possibilities of you stepping into bother once repeating an AliExpress product video area unit in all probability little. however simply to take care, I powerfully advocate asking your provider for permission before you are doing it.


Asking a provider for permission is even a lot of necessary once they use a brand’s video on the merchandise page. That provider may need an agreement to use that footage, however, you don’t!


It’s best to use your logic. If you have seen another brand’s name within the video, you may recognize that it isn’t your supplier’s footage.


Also, if your provider says “yes” to your question, then do a small amount of analysis outside of that product page to verify that it’s their video.


If you’ve done all those steps, then you may recognize needless to say that you simply won’t get into hassle.


To conclude: it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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