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Alaadin Alomari
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I dislike most talking about myself, but I'm obliged to do so here! I fell in love with online business. Before five years, I had made over 10 websites to test the industry.
I tried my best to learn everything I could about online business, such as Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing Agency, but this Drop Marketing website that I created to help Drop shippers to make their video ads for them because I’m video editor and I want to help people to grow their Dropshipping business and make it easy for them.
Drop Marketers started in 2020. And I created this forum to discces everything about dropshipping like marketing, marketplace, and everything that related to eCommerce business. Everyone is welcome to share his/her story with us in the forum to inspary more new dropshipper to start their business online and even if you have questions about anything with your store we will be very happy to help you. 
Together we will make a difference in the Drop Shipping business in the world and we want everyone to succeed in this business.
And by the way, I shared all tips and tricks on how to market your eCommerce in my Blog. Take a look if you like.

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