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How long dropshipping video ad should be?

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How long dropshipping video ad should be?

Alaadin Alomari
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The length of a dropshipping video ad matters a lot. When you are creating a video ad you should consider its length. Too long or too short video ads do not make sense. The visitor does not pay attention to a video ad that is too long. In the same way, a too-short video ad is also not good. Because it does not fulfill its purpose and does not effectively deliver the actual message.


Your video ad should not be shorter than 15 seconds and not larger than 60 seconds. The ideal recommendation is that your dropshipping video ad should be around about 20-30 seconds.


Some other suggestions for making video ads are as follows:

Video Ad Specifications

First of all, Facebook permits video files with totally different dimensions. However, you should use 1080 x 1080 pixels. These dimensions look ok on any placements each on Facebook and Instagram, whereas providing good quality.

Let People Know You are Advertising

It’s a decent plan to create videos fun whenever doable. uncommon ads feel contemporary and distinctive. However, concealing your ad by creating it seem like fun content would be a slip.

Put the Justice Part in Beginning

When a user watches your video ad, you've got virtually three seconds to catch his or her attention. Otherwise, the person can merely skip the ad. That’s why you must place the foremost attention-grabbing part of the video within the starting.


In most cases, our team uses the classical formula – a haul and an answer. Usually, an answer will at the same time tell viewers a couple of drawbacks. As an example, if a video starts by demonstrating an individual grooming a dog, you'll simply guess what drawback the merchandise solves.

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