A Comprehensive Guide of Facebook Ads Library for Beginners

facebook ads library

Facebook Ads Library could be free, public info of each ad presently active on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Users will read each detail of the ads, together with the copy, the image. However long it’s been life, once it launched, and any versions being A/B tested.

Facebook at first launched the library to boost the transparency of advertising on the platform and avoid claims of election interference. however, the Ad Library is most quite this. It’s an implausibly powerful tool marketers will use to rework their Facebook Ad campaigns.

How Do I Find Facebook Ads Library for Facebook Business

Using the Ad Library is straightforward. Facebook has done its best to form it super accessible so anyone will gain access to ad info. Even though they’ve never run a Business account or used Facebook in their life.

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1. Open Facebook Ad Library

To access the Facebook Ad Library, click this link, or sort facebook.com/ads/library into your browser address bar. Once you’ve loaded the page up, it’ll seem like a daily program. Ensure you’ve got the proper country hand-picked within the top-right corner of your screen before moving on.

2. Choose Your Category

Before trying up an advert, you’ll need to opt for a class. There are solely 2 categories. Facebook has separated issue, election, and political ads from all alternative ads. Thus if you’re trying to find an advertisement ad, click on “Search all“, as shown within the image below.

Choose Your Category from facebook ads library

3. Search up a Brand

To find the ad you’re searching for, kind within the name of the brand/company that’s running it. As an example, to search out a Lululemon ad, I wrote “Lululemon” into the search bar. This may pull up all the pages with relevant text.

Search up a Brand on facebook ads

4. Click on Specific Ads

Once you’ve chosen a page and force up all their ads. You’ll be able to click “See Ad Details” underneath individual ads to envision additional data. This includes the beginning date for the ad. Yet as if the ad has multiple versions running.


How to Use Facebook Ads Library to Create Better Ads

There are many alternative ways that you’ll leverage the ability of the Facebook Ad Library to form higher ads. Here are eight to urge you started.

1. Explore Ads from a Variety of Industries

The first issue everybody will have after they access Facebook Ad Library is to look for their competitors. And see what ads they’re running. Not solely is that this a superbly natural reaction. However, it also makes business sense to spy on your competitors.

Don’t get adorned informed by your competitors, however. There are many industries out there. And you’ll be able to learn tons from all of them. Whether or not it’s high-end luxury retail, insurance, or the law.

2. Find Similar Ads & Find Which One is Successful

One of the foremost underrated options of the Facebook Ads Library is seeing different versions of constant ad brands ar split testing. A/B testing may be an elementary part of succeeding with Facebook Ads. However, figuring out what to check is less complicated aforesaid than done.

That’s what makes Facebook Ads Library thus powerful. In ten minutes. You’ll be able to build a listing of adoptions to A/B take a look at the consecutive times you produce an advert.

Best of all, you recognize all price testing as a result of the largest brands within the world are testing constant issues

3. View Ads to Determine What is Trending

Spend half an hour browsing the Ad Library. |And you’ll quickly see some trends rising in terms of layout, offer, and imagination. It’s essential to in-tune these trends in mind. Notably, if ads during a specific format are running for an extended time.

But don’t feel the necessity to run the constant ads like everybody else. Whereas it’s vital to know what works and what doesn’t. You don’t need your ad to be lost during an ocean of anonymous ads.

4. Check out Ad Copy & Tone

Are your ads enticing? Do they sell? A way to inform is to check them to ads by the largest brands in your business.

Read a dozen ads to quickly see the similarities in word alternative, copy length, and tone. All the most effective copywriters take inspiration from the ads that came before.

Take note of however long the ads are running, too. Tried, tested, and evidenced ads area unit value listening to. Although you don’t suppose they browse the most effective.

Facebook ads library

5. Identify Other Promotion Opportunities

Selling merchandise or courses isn’t the sole use for Facebook ads. Browse the Ads Library. And you’ll in all probability notice dozens of different concepts and promotional opportunities.

For instance, you’ll notice your competitors promote things like videos, ebooks, or different content. 

You’ll additionally notice dozens of samples of whole ads that don’t promote something particularly and simply increase brand awareness. If you’re trying to grow your following through ads. You’ll notice loads of inspiration for that, too.

6. See which Ad Formats have Longevity

No one needs to own to form new Facebook ads weekly. That’s method too long.

The trick is to seek out a message that resonates runs out a protracted amount. And doing this is straightforward with Facebook Ad Library. Merely search the info for a serious publicizer, choose active ads solely, and scroll to visualize ads with the longest run time.

Make a note of the media, copy, and offers used, then do a similar with different major advertisers in your business. If several of the long-running ads share a similar tone or supply, this will assist you to produce a valuable ad of your own.

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7. Discover Effective Media Types

Use Facebook Ad Library to search out what media different brands in your trade use in their ads. If several advertisers use stories or carousels and you aren’t, for example, it should be time to experiment.

Conversely, it should be you’re already victimization the foremost standard media sort. If so, you’ll still get inspiration for different ways in which to implement it otherwise.

8. Find the Best Time to Run Ads

The invention isn’t the sole factor to accept once it involves ads. the temporal arrangement is additionally crucial. Your ads will live or die on the running times you set for them. Therefore it pays to envision what thriving advertisers do and take cues from them.

Around massive sales days like Valentine’s Day or Black Friday, you’ll conjointly use the Ad Library to envision once competitors begin running their ads. Therefore you aren’t left behind. You’ll even use historical information to beat them to the punch next year.

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How to Delete Videos in Facebook Ads Library

Permanently delete a video from your Video library. Deleting a video can for good delete all associated insights.

To delete a video:

  1. Go to the Video library beneath publishing tools on your Page
  2. Select the video you need to delete
  3. Click Actions
  4. Click Delete

How Do I browse Images in Facebook Ads Library?

If you use Creative Hub within an ad account. Anyone in the account can access the images and videos you upload when they create a mockup.

To access your ad account media:

  1. Open Creative Hub.
  2. Select in the top left.
  3. Then Select Media Library.
  4. Select an ad account.

You’ll see the Media Library for the ad account that you’ve selected.

To add a descriptive label to your media, select an image or video. Then click Add tag. To delete images, select an image or video, then click Delete.

FAQs on Facebook Ads Library

What is Facebook Ads Library? How do I search for it?

The ad library could be a place wherever you’ll look for ads that are running across Facebook apps and services. You’ll use it to induce info regarding the ads that you just see.

For all ads, you’ll look for ads that are presently active on the Facebook apps and services.

For ads that are regarding social problems, elections, or politics, you’ll additionally search inactive ads.

Do I need a Facebook account to use the Facebook ads library?

Anyone will explore the ad library, with or while not a Facebook account. However, reportage ads associated with viewing content each need that you just have an account and are logged in.

What can I search in the Facebook Ads library?

You can search any ads presently running across Facebook apps and services, together with Instagram, whether or not you have seen them or not.

How long does it take for an ad to show up in the library?

An ad can seem within the ad library twenty-four hours from the time it gets its 1st impression. Any changes or updates created to an advertisement will be mirrored within the ad library twenty-four hours.



Advertisers weren’t happy once Facebook created ads accessible to everybody. however, you must be delighted. The Facebook Ad Library offers a large chance to anyone trying to upgrade their ad creatives, nail down their copy and send conversion rates soaring.



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