A Guide of Dropshipping Video Ads Examples

Dropshipping video ads examples

Starting a dropshipping business is comparatively straightforward. However, competition with other dropshippers is very tough. Because the market has become progressively saturated. If you would like your dropshipping business to face out from the remainder, you must contemplate creating video ads. But now, you may be asking yourself, however, am I able to create video ads for dropshipping? In this post, we will explain dropshipping ads by providing proper dropshipping video ads examples. Dropshipping video ads examples will also help you to grab the attention of brands. It also increases inspiration.

Why Dropshipping Video Ads are Important?

Before we have a tendency to get into that, you must grasp why it is often therefore helpful. 92% of marketers aforementioned that video is a necessary part of their selling strategy — growing considerably from seventy-eight in 2015. Moreover, half of one mile of marketers also aforementioned that video selling leads to positive ROI.

These numbers tell North American countries that buyers are more and more willing to buy one thing when seeing partaking product videos.


What You Should Know Before Making a Video Ad?

Dropshipping ads are designed to support the abilities and resources you’ve got offered. Luckily, there are some ways to make a winning cause with simply a couple of resources. 

For example, if you’ve got some beautiful photos, you’ll polish them into a brief video. You’ll also write an excellent pitch or use alternative skills looking at what you’ve got to figure with. To make compelling ads for your business, you wish to try to do many things, which are:

Know Your Target Audience

Learn about their interests, habits, preferences, therefore you’ll tailor ads that talk to them.

Determine Your Business Goals

You need to be clear along with your ambition. What does one wish your ads to do? Does one wish to make complete awareness? Or does one wish to nudge customers to shop for more? Once designing your cause, check that to work out what your business goal is.

Plan Your Campaign of Ad

Whether exploitation Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or maybe Twitter Advertising. You’ll also be able to polish some beautiful photos into a brief video you would like to arrange your cause once marketing research.

Track Performance of Your Ad

If an advertisement does not perform well, you’ll be able to revamp it or stop running it. Keep reviewing your campaign to induce a better ROI.

Best Channels To Run Dropshipping Video Ads

This section will explain which channels you should use to run a dropshipping video ad.


Out of all social media platforms used for advertising, Facebook is the only one. Facebook could be a nice advertising platform with a broad reach and numerous sorts of users to focus on. 

Facebook ads provide a higher click-through rate than the other social media channel, creating each Facebook video ads and pictures work utterly well for dropshipping businesses.


If you’re thinking to create Video ads for your dropshipping business, you would like to do out YouTube. Here area unit many reasons why.

  • YouTube could be a video-sharing platform, thus its most suitable choice for video ads
  • YouTube supports horizontal videos. So, it’s a wonderful place for viewing ads on mobile devices.
  • It supports in-stream video ads which means you’ll be able to reach your audience higher.
  • YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform. it’s a pair of billion users. you’ll be able to have an outsized audience at your disposal if you utilize YouTube ads for your dropshipping business.


Instagram permits you to advertise your business to a broader audience with the best engagement rate of any social media. to promote your business effectively on Instagram, you’ll be able to use the self-serve advertising platform on Facebook. However, if you’re simply beginning, you’ll be able to use the comparatively easy tools on the Instagram app itself after you need to advertise your product.

There are six different formats on which you can use to advertise on Instagram. These formats are as follows:

  • Single image ads
  • Instagram in-feed video ads
  • Explore Ads
  • Instagram Carousel Ads
  • Instagram Story Ads


Twitter offers a unique outlook on advertising. you’ll increase your whole awareness and community along with your customers on Twitter. it’s distinctive from Instagram, as a result, Instagram is additionally geared towards building whole awareness.

Meanwhile, advertising on Twitter is best for identity and community. Influencer promoting is additionally a good use of the platform.

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Dropshipping Video Ads Examples

Here are some best and viral dropshipping video ads examples.

01 Dropshipping Video Ads Examples- Inmotion Shopping

Dropshipping Video Ads Examples- Inmotion Shopping

This Facebook Ad example is from InMotion looking. Look that video got over fifty million views!

Feature of This Dropshipping Video Ad Example

  • They made a simple video but it got more than 50million views.
  • They have used attractive emojis to make the ad more interactive.
  • They have used awesome thumbnails.

02 Dropshipping Video Ads Examples-BlueCrate

Dropshipping Video Ads Examples-BlueCrate

BlueCrate uses easy-to-understand texts and they use only a few sentences. They do not use any type of cluttering in their video ads. It increases the engagement of their videos. 

Here are some features of this video ad example.

  • They use only a few sentences. It looks so clean. In the comparison with other dropshipping video ads examples, it looks less spammy
  • Their videos are awesome
  • Also they use the Facebook watch. It is a new thing but as you can see, they got a lot of views from this.



Allstarproducts is one of the dropshipping video ads examples. Their ads are awesome. Here are some features of Allstarproducts dropshipping video ad company.

Different Facebook Pages

Not sure if they combined these Facebook pages from the beginning or shortly, but it’s impressive to envision that they’ve created a particular Facebook page for one product. just like the windscreen protector is placed on a windscreen protector Facebook page, however, confine mind that this is often undoubtedly not necessary to be successful!

Try Different Things

The great thing about Allstarproducts is that they try different things. Different types of content you found from them.

03 Dropshipping Video Ads Examples-Shopping Network

As we are discussing online dropshipping video ads examples. So the next example which we are going to discuss is Shopping Network. It is a creative one.

Here are some of the features of Shopping Network

  • The videos of the shopping network are very much clear. When you see the videos you almost get ready to buy that product.
  • Again they use facebook watch to viral and sell their eCommerce products.

04 Dropshipping Video Ads Examples-Dollar Shave Club

This Dollar Shave Club ad video appeals to customers effectively. It uses the opener. Don’t overpay for pink’. This dropshipping video ads example delivers people grooming products. They offer affordable products to especially ladies which they want.

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05 Dropshipping Video Ads Examples-Xanelo

Xanelo is one of the dropshipping video ads examples. This ad from dropshipping claims that they remove dents on a car in seconds.

It uses clear and straight-quality text starting from a headline. They also use a call to action.

Xanelo also uses urgency list elements starting with text saying you will get this product at half of the price but only this aug or only in Feb 2022.

FAQ’s on Dropshipping Video Ads Examples

Where can I use dropshipping video ads?

You can use dropshipping video ads on any platform of your selection. Most consumers use them to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, you’ll be able to conjointly use them on product description pages on your store or marketplaces like Amazon.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to post the video ads on YouTube to drive extra traffic to your store. Snapchat and Dailymotion are standard websites for victimization video ads to get sales and traffic. the probabilities are virtually endless, it very comes right down to your own imagination.

How long does it take to make dropshipping video ad?

The turnaround to form video ads can vary reckoning on the supplier. In language that, most of the services listed during this guide offer ultra-fast delivery in around 1-3 operating days. several of the suppliers like Adsmate and Ad Jedi deliver in forty-eight hours or less. But I recommend you to try Dropmarketers video ads

Do I need to send the product?

No, most of the suppliers listed during this guide will produce skilled video ads for any dropshipping product, while not having to look at the item. The supplier can merely use existing footage or pictures of the merchandise from reviews, demos or tutorials gathered from around the internet.

How long dropshipping ad would be?

Dropshipping video ads ought to be around 30-60 seconds long for optimum engagement and results. You don’t wish the videos to be too long, otherwise, it might distract the client from taking additional action like visiting your website or putting an associate degree order.

That’s why it’s necessary that your dropshipping video ads square measure short, sweet, and acquire straight to the purpose. Luckily, most suppliers of dropshipping video ads keep at intervals the 30-60 seconds vary to make sure the most options and edges of the merchandise square measure highlighted.

Do I need video ads for dropshipping?

Although you don’t would like video ads to start out dropshipping, they’re going to assist you to drive additional traffic to your store, yet boost conversions and sales. whether or not you wish to advertise on social media or just improve your product descriptions to induce additional sales. Using professional video ads creative service samples are far more effective than commonplace text ads or written descriptions.

How do I find more providers of dropshipping ads?

To find a lot of honorable suppliers team of dropshipping ads, 

It is suggested that for the best video ads you should contact Dropmarketers. They have experienced staff to make a perfect video ad for you. You can visit their website to view pricing plans.

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Using video ads to push your dropshipping merchandise on Facebook, YouTube or different social media sites is the best thanks to maximizing sales and increasing conversions. And top of the list and first of all benefits of dropshipping video ads is that it also maximizes the viewers.

Furthermore, victimization dropshipping video ads can also enable you to realize a competitive advantage over different sellers, also as build your own whole.



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